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Pool Product Safety

Safety In and Beyond the Edge of the Pool

Your safety matters to us. Naturally, while no single website or online resource can take the place of common sense and precaution, we do recommend following the basic guidelines we’ve outlined below to help you and your family safely enjoy your pool. If you have any questions about handling pool chemical products, you can quickly connect with one of our experts by calling 1-877-929-7945.

Pool Product Safety

When used properly, pool chemicals can make your pool look and feel amazing. But these are chemicals, after all, and they can be quite harmful and dangerous if handled improperly. In fact, contamination or improper use of these chemicals may cause a fire, explosion or the release of toxic gases. We encourage you to read and follow all labels correctly.


• Wear safety equipment when handling chemicals including gloves, goggles, long sleeves and pants.

• Store your chemicals in cool, dry, well-ventilated places.

• Keep your chemicals tightly covered when not in use.

• Store liquids upright.

• Read product labels and follow directions when adding chemicals to your pool.

• Add pool chemicals directly to your pool.

• Isolate spilled chemicals, and read and follow directions for cleanup and disposal.

• Completely use up the product before disposing of the container.

• Thoroughly clean and dry product containers prior to disposal.

• Wash your hands thoroughly after handling chemicals.


• Allow pool chemicals to come into contact with your skin, eyes or mouth.

• Inhale or ingest pool chemicals.

• Store chemicals in a place where they can be accessed by children or pets.

• Store chemicals in a place where they can be contaminated by any other material. They can react with other materials, including other pool chemicals, to cause a fire, explosion, or release of toxic gases.

• Add water to pool chemicals or expose them to small amounts of water. They can react violently to produce heat and toxic gases.

• Mix different chemicals to allow pool chemicals to move into contact with other pool chemicals or any other materials.

• Pre-mix or pre-dissolve pool chemicals before adding them to your pool.

• Smoke, grill or allow any open flame near stored chemicals.

• Put spilled product back into container, doing so will contaminate the rest of the product.

• Dispose of product container without reading product label for directions.

• Dispose of spilled product by pouring into trash or drain.

Safety Spotlight on BAQUACIL® Oxidizer

• BAQUACIL® Oxidizer is a strong oxidizer.

• The BAQUACIL® Oxidizer features a ventilated cap.

• Storing BAQUACIL® Oxidizer on its side or upside down may result in leakage or rupture – a potential fire hazard if it touches combustible materials.

• Always triple-rinse the BAQUACIL® Oxidizer containers in regular pool water before you dispose of it.

Emergency Resources

If there is an emergency requiring immediate medical attention, call 911 immediately.

Chemical Exposure

If you’re exposed to pool chemicals, contact a physician immediately and follow the appropriate steps as listed below:

• In the event of skin or eye contact with chlorine products, flush the area with water for at least 15 minutes.

• If chemicals are accidentally ingested, sip on water, but do not induce vomiting. Never give anything to drink to an unconscious person.

• If fumes have been inhaled, move the affected person to fresh air as quickly as possible.


Chemical Disposal and Spillage

If you have an incident involving BAQUACIL® Products call 1-800-654-6911. The people who answer the phone are all trained to assist you in an emergency.

• Call 1-800-654-6911 for assistance in disposing of chemicals. Do not throw them in the trash.

• If any of your pool chemicals spill, call 1-800-654-6911 for special handling instructions.

– Do not backwash into a stream or river.

– Do not throw spilled material into trash.

• A spill requires emergency handling if there is any sign of activity such as a bulging container, bubbling, hissing, gassing, smoking, or fire. In such an event, call 1-800-654-6911 and notify them of the activity.