Pool Owner Green Tips

Keeping it "green" in your backyard

One perk of owning a pool is the chance to relax outdoors and get closer to Mother Nature. But maintaining a private oasis can have an impact on the environment. With a little insider knowledge and common sense tips, you can do your small part to care for the environment in a big way. Take a look at a few of the eco-minded articles from our archives and see just how easy it is to be green.

Save Water with Your Pool All Year Long

Many pool owners are looking for ways to be both budget conscious and eco-friendly, while still enjoying their pools. But doing so doesn't have to take away from your fun in the sun. In fact, the recent green movement entails caring for your pool in ways that save water, money and maintenance time - leaving more swim time for you and your family.

To begin saving water, start with the basics. Is your pool set up properly? When you maintain your pool's re-circulating pumps and a proper pH level, you will need to clean it less frequently, which leads to less water waste. Keeping water levels slightly lower can help conserve water as well. As a note of caution: Water levels that fall below 1/2 way across the skimmer opening may result in inefficient surface skimming and could also introduce air into the suction line which will damage the pump.

For maximum water conservation, check out the seven steps we've highlighted below:

  • Install a pool cover
  • Search for leaks
  • Turn down the thermostat
  • Create a windbreak
  • Use water-saving filtration methods
  • Channel water into landscaping
  • Reduce splashing

Solar Technology and Your Pool

If you own a pool, you're no stranger to the sun. But you could be using its power for more than just getting a tan. From pool covers and skimmers to heaters and pumps, solar energy can power your most frequently used pool products while providing lower annual energy costs.

Solar energy technology is nothing new. In fact, it's one of the fastest growing sectors of the U.S. economy, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), a nonprofit trade group based in Washington, D.C. And as energy prices continue to soar, solar energy is becoming a more attractive and affordable option for pool and spa owners.

Below, we've highlighted a few key benefits and things to keep in mind when adopting solar pool technology:

Primary Benefits of Solar Pool Technology

  • It can save you money.
  • It's low maintenance and durable.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Investing in Solar Pool Technology

  • The initial cost is higher.
  • Freezing temperatures will raise the cost to operate the equipment.